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Because Being Normal Just Isn't Crazy Enough...
Over a decade ago I was in college taking english and philosophy classes. 2 months into my first semester, I started my first sales business. I made more in a week than I did all summer.  I dropped out of school and became a full-time entrepreneur. Now, I own multiple franchises, operate an eCommerce business with thousands of customers, published a book & co-founded a brand that is reinventing charity. 
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What is everyone else saying...
"For as long as I've known Josh he's been a person of excellence, and an overcomer with a true entrepreneurial spirit. He has the very rare quality of strength and humility which means he's a leader who still finds common ground with those around him. It makes him very approachable for the masses.  A characteristic every good King should have!"
Rick Gutman
7-Figure Network Marketer & 
CMO of YouLab Global
"I have been a manager for Josh for over a year now. Working alongside Josh has been one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did I get to watch him change lives, I got to watch him build something amazing. I get emotional when I think about it because I know he does not owe it to me but he still goes out of his way making sure I have everything I need to be the best employee and person I can be. Josh saw value in me and made me feel like I was apart of the team. He stood by me and taught me more than how to manage and run the business & he taught me how to really care about people and their lives."
Destiny Russell
Franchise General Manager
Anytime Fitness
"Josh is one of the most profound speakers I have ever seen.  I've asked him to be a guest speaker during a sales training with my team and they all ask me after if we can bring him back because they've never heard anyone explain the products or the process like he did.  The way in which he can tell a story and paint you a picture is incredible.  I've learned how to be a better sales person and manager by listening to his advice.  I also learned how to communicate better while in the field which has led to more sales and better relationships with my customers. Thank you Josh, you are amazing."
Abby Phillips
Florida Territory Manager
Trovita Health Sciences
"Josh is the man! I’ve only been in business a few years, and struggled at my personal branding. Josh’s guidance and leadership have helped me to create a powerful personal brand, that makes my brand seem so much bigger and to clients; it creates the effect that I’m so much larger than I am. Branding is powerful as a solopreneur is vitally important, and for my business, Josh has been instrumental in that!"
Jeremy Slate
Host of The Note Worthy Podcast Show
"Create Your Own Life"
"We get so many negative messages from the world today: you're not good enough, you can't succeed, you just don't measure up. I'd much rather have a dream and strive for it, than having no dream at all. Because, even if you don't achieve your dream 100%, at least you have had an interesting, challenging and exciting ride. Josh Delaney is an extraordinary human being whose philosophy can enhance the quality of life for anyone who exposes themselves to it. I have witnessed his speaking engagements and to say he is dynamic is an understatement. His passion for business, but also success, and what it is, how you achieve it and how to manage it; is addictive. He certainly knows what he speaks on. I highly support and endorse Josh, he has had a major positive impact on me at a time in my life when I was first forming the philosophies that guide me today. 
A great mentor and friend."
Chris Mak
Chief Executive Officer,
Mad Hatter Marketing
"We need more people in the world like Joshua. His selflessness, compassion, confidence, belief, strength, and self discipline are a result of his many determined successes! Watch, listen and learn from him. He really does have super human powers!"

Georgi Aiello
Small Business Owner
"I've had the privilege of being Josh's friend for several years. We were introduced because we have common interests and successes in entrepreneurism, specifically in the arena of networking and leverage income. I found him magnetic, focussed, knowledgeable and just plain fabulous. He knows his stuff. He lives his passion. He gets things done.  What's not to love?!"
Cindy Samuelson
7-Figure Network Marketer
Mr. Josh Delaney and myself have been working together for 3 years. This guy has led and provided priceless knowledge and leadership which I believe has made a tremendous impact on my business. His insight on the fitness, wellness, nutritional industry and sales knowledge is also truly one of a kind. Look forward to many more years of
working and building together.
Blake Sutton
Veterinary Pharma Sales & 
Online Entrepreneur
"I asked Josh if he could give me some pointers about my website. He grabbed the bull by the horns and let me know what I really needed. Basically a branding makeover. He set me up with a new logo and website that is out of this world. Josh's ideas and creativity are not like most other people, he's out of the box and goes way above and beyond some of the best I have ever met.  All the time people ask me where my whole branding structure came from. I tell them Josh was the mastermind behind it all.  They laugh and say that it had to be a team of people to do your whole brand, site, logo, truck decals, business cards and apparel.  Nope, I made one call to Josh and he took care
of everything for me."
Eric Geisberger
Owner of RG Tree Service
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Give Back
You want meat & potatoes...???
OH, I'll give you some meat & potatoes!
When it comes to sales, business, relationships, there is no "silver bullet" or magic pill.  There is without a doubt the right way and wrong way to do things.  In my emails and on my social media I like to talk about my success formula that I use over and over again to dominate these parts of my life...

Y + fM x fB = mC (mC + Pb + PL x CPSF) = HUGE PROFITS & BIG WINS!

THE MEAT:  In my next couple emails I'm going to explain to you what this means as well as OFFER YOU everything you need in order to build and execute on the formula for yourself. I will give you all my most successful resources that have helped lead to my success on a silver platter.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I'm giving you my blueprint.  My secret formula for walking into any situation (business or personal) and controlling the direction of the conversation and for the most part the outcome of it.  
You can't win them all, but you should certainly try.

THE POTATOES:  Listen, I'm not going to lie to you or hype you up.  I'll be direct and upfront, this formula has to do with some personal development, nutrition and fitness, relationship management as well as sales strategy.  Why?  Because it's the ALL ENCOMPASSING formula to win in the office and at home.  In order to be good at one main thing that means you got really a bunch of little things first. Success is in the details, in business and sales and in love, health and relationships.  I love talking to people about these topics.

Now, because of my dedication to reaching thousands of people, most of my relationships are over the phone, text, email and facebook.  Regardless, you want answers, you want links, you want the meat and potatoes.  I'm going to give you the meat and potatoes and along the way you'll find some value within my goofy, blunt and somewhat comical word smithing. would be the time where you click the big green button! 

If you don't click the button your chances of being super human will 
self destruct in...
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